Identity theft affected 16.7 million Americans last year

Victims often face devastating consequences: loss of savings, being charged with a crime they didn't commit, even being held responsible for fraudulent medical claims. 

Over 150 million hours were spent last year on identity theft recovery

 Victims who attempt to recover their identity on their own can spend up to 500 hours and thousands of dollars to restore their identity, credit standing and good name. It’s a tedious and time consuming process.

BEY can help your organization protect its members

  • Prevention – Monitoring of the identity of each member subscriber. Our program uses the services of IBM Watson, an Artificial Intelligence feature that assists us in gauging a subscriber's exposure to cyber-crime and identity theft. 
  • Detection – Uncovering an ID Fraud event
  • Recovery- Our program representatives will work on behalf of each covered victim to restore their identity to pre-event status

There is an identity theft every two seconds in the United States

Protect your members today


Contact one of our identity theft experts to design a custom fit protection plan for your organization

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