A cyberattack can destroy your life's work in minutes. We make recovery possible.

Statistics show that 50% of cyber attacks target small businesses, causing an average loss of $32,000. Sixty percent of uninsured cyber victims do not recover. 

Traditional insurance policies generally do not cover cyber incidents.

A Cybersecurity Liability policy from Bey can help.

Small businesses face large scale exposure

When it comes to data breach incidents, it’s true that large organizations tend to get all the headlines. Back-to-back news articles shed awareness on enormous cyber crime vulnerabilities and losses. This often results in the public believing that small organizations are immune from these risks. Many individuals and small businesses have a mindset that “it won’t happen to me”. However, industry statistics indicate the contrary. Small businesses are being attacked at alarming rates, in part, due to the relative ease of theft and abuse. And while large organizations get all the attention when a data breach or cyber event occurs, small businesses remain the most susceptible to these catastrophic events. 

Using a web based e-mail provider increases your risk of attack

Business e-mail in the cloud provides hackers with greater opportunities for access, while reducing the business owners direct control of their cyber security.

Bey’s Cybersecurity Liability Insurance is plug and play, and insured by an AM Best A-rated carrier

Bey's policy provides real coverage

  • HR, Information Security and Information Technology modules for optimizing proactive protection
  • Third-party liability insurance coverage and defense regulatory fines & penalties
  • PCI fines and penalties
  • Cyber extortion (e.g. Ransomware)
  • Business identity insurance & monitoring (PRO version)
  • Automatic employee identity protection – A valuable benefit given the recent data breach news stories
  • eNetwork business interruption
  • Data reconstruction
  • Breach response mitigation expenses for forensic investigations, legal breach notifications, identity monitoring and more 

coverage as easy as 1-2-3


1. Complete an Easy Application

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2. Select Your Coverage

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3. Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

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